Thursday, 4 December 2014


Our heart to give in times of strife
When evil overtakes your life,
We heal the wounds left by the knife
Where endless harmful thoughts run rife.

In times of peace it's hard to see
Your pleasure and your gaiety
Across the countless waves of sea
That separate the you from me.

~ C. Spies

Thursday, 27 November 2014


O, land of sundry promises
Enveloped by the flame,
How is it you can function here
Overshadowed by the shame?

O, land of empty promises,
A land of fallen dreams,
How can you stand so resolute
With people on their knees?

O, land of broken promises,
A relic of the times,
Guide their eyes towards the gold
So they can see your lies.

~ C. Spies.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


An aberration of our world,
A homeless wanderer of the next - 
Trapped within a place of memories,
They want no more than to perplex.

A whisper in the dead of night,
Or music that should never play.
A voice that echoes on the wind,
Too soft to hear the words they say.

A daydream of our mind's eye,
Or a shifting shadow in the fog.
Frozen lips don't make a sound
In their persistent epilogue.

A glance into the bathroom mirror,
Or features on a fleeting face.
They meander through our daytime world,
Consumed by their immortal grace.

~ C. Spies


I long for a place of ancient trees and running streams,
Of soaring minds and mighty dreams.
A place of wonder, a place of rhyme,
A place of all converging time.

~ C. Spies

Monday, 27 October 2014


The heavy smiles fall off your face
Towards their frozen solitude.
Perfection slips behind the line,
A wraith of all that you have been.

The eyes that hide behind the lies
Await a time when they can see.
Lost beneath the future's spires,
You dodge ghosts of serenity.

~ C. Spies


Our only wise men
Drown in their pride -
A lonely citadel
Of crumbling walls.

The man of promises
Spews out dreams;
Spark the blaze
But it won't seize.

Creatures of light
Caught in the Abyss;
Up is down
And left is right.

Our hollow friends
All live their lives;
Blink once more
And then it's gone.

A single owl
Lost in the dark.
When nothing's left,
There's always up.

~ C. Spies

Thursday, 31 July 2014


What's there that's not been said before
In times of peace and times of war?

Great men who did before us come,
Who learnt much when the world was young,
Have lead us to see things anew
And contemplate this newfound view.

How could my mind, so small and slight, 
See things that did escape their might?

We'll gaze on through their piercing eyes
And ride their shoulders, old and wise,
To grasp the things they couldn't see
And free our minds from slavery.

~ C. Spies.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


The sheer spontaneity of this silence
takes my breath away... 

With countless waves of emptiness 
it becomes the median for both 
a tortured panic and a wild delight. 

Am I the only one who sees the splendor
encapsulated within this fragile void?

It is only within the realm of silence 
that we can learn to truly hear our voice - 
uninterrupted by the constant murmur of society.

Perhaps the masses drown their world with noise
in fear of what their inner voice should say.

~ C. Spies

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Their kindness trickles
Through the cracks
And disappears
Into the darkness
Until some volcano 
Decides to shower 
The world with its 
Luminous light 
Once more.

~ C. Spies


The darkened place;
The dreary space;
The shallow face;
His tragic case.

~ C. Spies


Humanity is a fickle creature
With its acid words
And barbed replies:
Its broken hearts
And hollow cries.

~ C.  Spies

Sunday, 1 June 2014


Watching... always watching
With those evil, demon eyes
That feast upon my weary heart
And foreshadow my demise.

The infamy of this heinous foe
And the devilry of his gaze,
Manages - inevitably - to set
My poor, shattered nerves ablaze.

I cannot take this pain much more,
Nor the omnipotence of this fiend,
So I'm going away to a big, grey house
In hopes that my spirit may be cleaned.

~ C. Spies

Thursday, 22 May 2014


The time has come to move along,
And leave it all behind,
While memories still linger on
In the recesses of my mind.

I cannot stay another day
Without love resting in my heart.
I bid farewell to those who care,
For it is now I must depart.

The bitterness of them still floats
Like whispers lost in time;
But I'm no captive to these thoughts,
For I have mountains still to climb.

~ C. Spies 

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Open your eyes and you will see,
The pain that radiates from me,
Deep within my shattered bone
Where troubles don't leave me alone.

I'm stuck inside a colourless world,
Where greed and envy have unfurled
Their blackened wings to reach the skies,
And launch their evil, twisted lies.

Their power does consume this place -
Our speck of dust that's lost in space.
How could we fight this violent storm?
The secret is to not conform.

~ C. Spies

Thursday, 1 May 2014


My job is to help people 
Who often don't want help. 
Their minds are somewhat clouded -
To their monsters they have knelt.

Deep down they yearn to talk,
But their mouths refuse to speak - 
Their demons fighting tooth and nail
As I put them all to sleep.

They're living on sweet memories
And countless packs of meds;
I often sit a while and wonder
If we've really fixed their heads...

~ C. Spies

Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Hermit the hunchback old man on the hill,
From dusk until dawn his cottage stands still.
Hermit is out there patrolling the night;
With lantern and staff, he peers with his light.

All nightly creatures know Hermit by name,
He's weighed them all up to see if they're tame.
Flowers and plants that by night brightly bloom -
Under his lamp light are lovingly groomed.

It's during these hours that Hermit can see,
His mind has the power to let things be.
Secrets of daylight he's stored in his mind,
With lantern he peers, all in his good time.

~ Zai Tracea

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


The children play. The flowers bloom.
Where is the dark, the damp, the gloom?
My eyes now see these things anew.
Is this the place I thought I knew?

This land of golden, shining bliss,
Is different from that dark abyss
That slept down deep inside my mind -
That place where all my demons hide.

Why do the birds now sing with glee?
There is no storm - How can this be?
Are my thoughts so warped with time;
Distorted by the dirt and grime?

Perhaps the thoughts inside my head
All choose, with time, to fill with dread -
But now I've filled my world with light,
And found in that a great delight.

~ C. Spies