Monday, 12 January 2015


I once asked a shadow to dance,
To frolic and to play,
And begged him not to leave too soon;
I asked him if he'd stay.

He was a child of merriment,
Addictive in his charm,
And used to show the children things
That brought them to his arms.

His mocking tones would spring delight,
Initially it was always so,
But then the fast approaching night
Would send the children running home.

I once asked a shadow to dance
In distant yesterday;
He came at once to see me laugh
And we danced the years away.

~ C. Spies


Oh, tricksy poltergeist,
Mr. Quin, Mr. Quin, Mr. Quin;
You've lost your lust for life
And now the darkness has seeped in.

A king of countless castles
With nowhere to call home,
The darling Mr. Quin must walk
Wherever he shall roam.

Invisible to staring eyes
And your gruesome, ghostly gaze,
Dear Mr. Quin does waltz along
Heedless of passing days.

~ C. Spies