If you find yourself reading these lines, then one might assume that your curiosity has been stirred by the contents of this blog. How could I satisfy your curiosity, if not through an explanation of why I write?

I write because words have power. Through the use of twenty-six symbols born of the human mind, we are able to express complicated and abstract thoughts, and are capable of conveying those thoughts in a way that transcends time.

Poetry is, to my mind, an iridescent medium of pure consciousness, and an invaluable tool for analysis and introspection. The act of sifting through the pandemonium of life to find clarity through articulate thought allows me to experience an inner sense of equilibrium which I would otherwise lack. When my inner light begins to fade, invariably, I find myself reaching for a pencil.  The simple act of trying to transform my problems into something beautiful is catharsis itself, and this purge from suffering enables me to open myself up to the hidden subtleties of life from which I derive my truest pleasure. 

~ C. Spies

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  1. Words do indeed have power, and you are doing so well in wielding them to do your will. Very proud of you!