Wednesday, 29 October 2014


An aberration of our world,
A homeless wanderer of the next - 
Trapped within a place of memories,
They want no more than to perplex.

A whisper in the dead of night,
Or music that should never play.
A voice that echoes on the wind,
Too soft to hear the words they say.

A daydream of our mind's eye,
Or a shifting shadow in the fog.
Frozen lips don't make a sound
In their persistent epilogue.

A glance into the bathroom mirror,
Or features on a fleeting face.
They meander through our daytime world,
Consumed by their immortal grace.

~ C. Spies


I long for a place of ancient trees and running streams,
Of soaring minds and mighty dreams.
A place of wonder, a place of rhyme,
A place of all converging time.

~ C. Spies

Monday, 27 October 2014


The heavy smiles fall off your face
Towards their frozen solitude.
Perfection slips behind the line,
A wraith of all that you have been.

The eyes that hide behind the lies
Await a time when they can see.
Lost beneath the future's spires,
You dodge ghosts of serenity.

~ C. Spies


Our only wise men
Drown in their pride -
A lonely citadel
Of crumbling walls.

The man of promises
Spews out dreams;
Spark the blaze
But it won't seize.

Creatures of light
Caught in the Abyss;
Up is down
And left is right.

Our hollow friends
All live their lives;
Blink once more
And then it's gone.

A single owl
Lost in the dark.
When nothing's left,
There's always up.

~ C. Spies