Thursday, 22 May 2014


The time has come to move along,
And leave it all behind,
While memories still linger on
In the recesses of my mind.

I cannot stay another day
Without love resting in my heart.
I bid farewell to those who care,
For it is now I must depart.

The bitterness of them still floats
Like whispers lost in time;
But I'm no captive to these thoughts,
For I have mountains still to climb.

~ C. Spies 

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Open your eyes and you will see,
The pain that radiates from me,
Deep within my shattered bone
Where troubles don't leave me alone.

I'm stuck inside a colourless world,
Where greed and envy have unfurled
Their blackened wings to reach the skies,
And launch their evil, twisted lies.

Their power does consume this place -
Our speck of dust that's lost in space.
How could we fight this violent storm?
The secret is to not conform.

~ C. Spies

Thursday, 1 May 2014


My job is to help people 
Who often don't want help. 
Their minds are somewhat clouded -
To their monsters they have knelt.

Deep down they yearn to talk,
But their mouths refuse to speak - 
Their demons fighting tooth and nail
As I put them all to sleep.

They're living on sweet memories
And countless packs of meds;
I often sit a while and wonder
If we've really fixed their heads...

~ C. Spies