Wednesday, 22 July 2015


I close my eyes
To clear my mind.
The pain inside 
That keeps us tied,
It's in the fear
That's drifting here.
Time depends on me,
I understand.

Why do you cry
Upon the night?
A ring of fire 
That burns to bright.
We drift away
To reach the day. 
Don't come to me,
I'll disappear.

Under the stars 
I feel no space.
We're coming now 
To clear the crowd.
Don't leave me here
To feel their fear.
I see my mind;
Open your eyes.

~ C. Spies


I sit inside a darkened room
Surrounded by familiar gloom.
Under the door I see a crack,
But gusts of wind do blow it black.

Your face is not a mask removed,
But sketch all drawn with lines anew.
I see you form before my eyes;
A creature born of compromise.

Dichotomy of good and bad
Lies twisted in this selfish land
Where people live life to consume.
I sit here in my darkened room.

~ C. Spies