Friday, 18 September 2015


A group sets forth on a new journey. They walk softly and gently, mesmerised by their new surroundings, tentatively feeling every blade of grass between their toes. As their feet become steady and their curiosity grows, they make their way towards the towering mound that sits on the horizon. What could lie beyond that fast approaching hill?

They are greeted by the fresh wonder of a new experience, and spurred on by the thought of another glimpse of beauty. The group hurries on from this place of tranquility, hoping upon hope that an even more enchanting view lies beyond their next horizon.

In the distance a vast bulk rests beneath the summer sky. The group gains speed, tense with anticipation, hungry for sights as yet unseen. Some in the group fall behind, while others jostle and shove, desperate to see beyond the towering mass. The group walks on. 

As they makes their way higher, time begins to slow. The pace is calmer; the group kinder.  As their sight improves, the group begins to take more time to appreciate the views that lie beside them. They take the time to reflect on every sight and every scent. Each flower is seen in full, every insect appreciated. 

Some of the group begin to grow tired and choose to rest in the calm of the passing meadow, but there are others who are still pulled by the imagined beauty of the summit.  Leaving those who wish to rest, the group continues on their journey. 

With the passing of time, the foot-falls become quieter and the conversations become a quiet hum. They continue to climb the towering mound, but slowly. 

As they make their way along their journey, more and more begin to lag behind, and, eventually, the group dwindles to two. A woman, once strong and fit, walks on. Her steps are cautious and her breath laboured, but her companion lends a helping hand. As they walk on, their conversation is quiet but comforting. 

Finally, there is only one who walks the winding road; only one who admires the flowers and the birds on this solitary hike. The woman's companion has walked for many miles, gently guiding the group along their way and gathering up those who fell behind. There is a calmness in the air and a sense of serenity. Having left the pathway emptier and emptier, eventually Death walks alone. 

~ C. Spies

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